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3 thoughts on “Sponsors

  1. Sam-
    Your accomplishments are inspiring and have propelled me to get more involved in the sport. I have some questions seeing as you are sponsored and have recently been tagged as a pro:
    I have always been curious how triathletes get sponsored and get tagged as a pro?
    Also if you dont mind me asking, what kind of benefits come with being sponsored and being a pro (aside from social status and being a badass)?

    • I am not very educated on the technical side of triathlon, but from what I know you have to get top 5 at a national-level event to get tagged as a pro. With getting sponsored–I am also brand new to this and it is also one of the reasons I started a blog. I got a lot of free stuff but I think it is more work than it seems because now I have to figure out how to positively market their brand! I don’t want to let them down. Being a pro, you race in a different category in races…cant win the age group prizes 😦

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