First race report of 2014

This past weekend was the first race of the year. It was meant to be a really tough training weekend moreso than a “racing” weekend, but if you stick me in a tough spot and on a starting line and a gunshot, I definitely get a little competitive. However, it truly did turn into solid 2-days of hardpacked training sessions.

I find myself glazing over most race reports that I read, so I will keep this one short and simple. I drove the 4 hours down to Charleston and met up with some other Academy people. It was definitely good to see familiar faces.  I miss everyone from USAFA so much!! Brett cooked us a delicious salmon/brusselsprout/sweetpotatofries pre-race dinner, we made sure the puppy was prepped for her big social raceday, and we got a solid 9 hours of sleep. More than I have gotten in quite some time so I was feeling relatively good Saturday morning.

For the half-marathon, it was a chilly 30 degrees and quite windy, so I decided on running tights, dri-fit long sleeve t-shirt, and gloves. Cant forget the slick new red white and blue Rudy Project glasses that I was all too excited to test out. I ate a little of this new amazing granola from Whole Foods and I chugged some Osmo Nutrition pre-race before we set out to the start. Image

The race had about 6000 marathoners and half marathoners, so it was a lot of fun. I took it out a little too fast for the first 5k (18:30) and knew that I had just fallen into a painful hole that I was going to have to just suck it up and deal with for the next 10 miles. I was able to steady my heart rate and crank out the miles, but it definitely hurt. I managed to stay in a pack of 3 to help with the headwind for a bit. I got passed by two girls with 5 miles to go, and couldnt quite get back up to them.  I tried something new this race- instead of waiting until the last mile or two to book it to the finish, I gave it a little kick with 5k to go. I was able to stay strong and finish in 1:25 not too far behind the 3rd and 4th women. This put me 5 overall and 1st in my age group.


We headed back home and hopped on the bike for an hour to get some of that race residue out of our legs.

We made another trip to Whole Foods, and then grabbed sashimi and sushi to eat while seeing the new movie Lone Survivor that afternoon. We decided on a 4:20pm showing because us old triathlete people need our early bedtime!

The next morning was a 60-mile bike through all of Charleston.  I must say it was very windy and cold, but it was beautiful. There were a lot of neat people we met on the ride, including some older USAFA graduates and Academy military trainers. We managed to turn the bike into an almost 5 hour ride with all the wind and some extra sight-seeing riding.  Ouch.The aid stations were great–bananas, peanut better, jelly, and energy bars were lifesavers. I also used Osmo active hydration throughout the ride and I really could feel a difference in my body. It felt SO good to be done, and by then we were starving. Image

I am not usually a gear-junkie, but the new Windmax Rudy Project helmet I received on Thursday was amazing. I havent used a helmet with better airflow before.Image

I pounded some more food into my belly before we headed out on a run to complete the super long brick session.

That concluded the weekend of training/racing. Commence gorging at the Whole Foods hot bar. Cant forget the entire package of mini M&Ms.



photo (22)


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