First Race of 2014–pre post

My trusty golden doodle puppy Blair and I are headed to Charleston to knock out our first two races of the season. I am doing the half marathon on Saturday, and then a 60 mile bike race/ride on Sunday.  It is going to be a tough weekend on the legs especially after a couple long workouts tomorrow to kick off the holiday weekend.  I dont really know what to expect, but my coach and I have a plan, and hopefully this weekend helps get me back in the strict triathlon mindset. 


Recently I have been slacking for sure on diet and sleep. I can feel it in my bones but we all need a mental break from the constant go-go-go of triathlon, the lifestyle. I am going to use this weekend to get back on track with the aforementioned, and then it is full speed ahead into the spring racing season. 


Coach and I’s plan for the weekend events has gotten me excited! For the half marathon it’s no watch, 1.5 mile ease into it, then I can give my legs permission to let loose. What let loose means at this point in the season—not really sure. But I will definitely make it hurt. 

After the race we have a swim planned, possible a short bike. 


Sunday for the 60 mile ride, I will turn it into a brick and go make Brett do his track workout while Blair and I tag along. 



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