The weakness I hope to conquer in 2014.

This weekend was full of deep thoughts due to a total of 30 miles of running, and 4 hours of biking. On a trainer, nonetheless. Luckily the weather was perfect for running outside or else I might have died trying to knock out some hard distance on a treadmill.  I tend to go through mood swings throughout these workouts.  I dig deep into this little brain of mine and pull out all of the things I wish I could be better at. 

By the end of the miles I have gone back to a positive (mostly) mindset. 

Looking back on 2013 actually depresses me because I have such a high standard I have set myself up to. It is hard to think about actually working harder and beating the accomplishments I was lucky enough to achieve. SO I am putting out my weaknesses to maybe make it easier to get better. 

1) I am never happy with my results. I always want to improve, make myself hurt more, make my parents more proud, make myself proud. This is a flaw, yet I think I can turn it into a strength. I am afraid to reach my full potential, but I want to reach my full potential. What do you do when you finally get to the top? I dont know, and I think I am scared to find out. 

2) That being said, I am running out of ways to change my lifestyle in order to get better. Or am I ? I think about eating better, I think about putting in MORE hours, I think about stretching, yoga, recovery, I think about gaining a social support group, or a workout-support group, I think about new equipment, I think about being a better Air Force officer. 

3) Then I think about how I am going to do ALL of these things. I get overwhelmed, then I  am back at square one. 

In conclusion, 2014 is going to have to be a big “mental” year for me in order to improve ALL of these things. It has always been my biggest weakness, and I know that it is the key to unlocking the physical potential of anyone. 

More to come, but I am going to hit the “post” button on this blurb before I chicken out. 


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